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Thread: Contradiction

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    Santa's Avatar dvhyt5er
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    Aug 2005
    in a de-walled house -
    our future home,
    where our baby willl grow up


    with no floor - no ceiling
    outside it is ice - aka -10
    yet i have a some ready fried chicken (whch tastes like it is called)(tasteless) and (some)electricity but a bonus - wireles internet "shared" piggybacked from the a neighbour (whom i must soon be nice to (emit a smile).
    My gallery waits until i am thru this turmoil of "family" - which is of course so irrational - his idea is that artists dont have lives.
    I sleep better in caves.

    It is a little bit turmoiled now and must not be easy on the little bambino of 7 months - the travels the changes the reflections of the parents worry over material stupidities.
    She worries over a 35,000kr designer sink and i worry over where to get 20kr to buy garbage bags to the planks off the walls. If i where Luke i would use the forceto make everything she desires in two seconds flat.
    If it where me , i would slow it all down an enjoy making an even better version of her dream together


    she wants to fix the entire house in one bundle - very good, very nice - ofcourse they can.

    but when you start talking about 1000's as if it is sperm, i disagree

    could one of you call her and tell her, money is not a joke.

    i do it for free.
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    ziggyjuarez's Avatar Poster
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    I dint read anything in this thread but i dont agree

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    Santa's Avatar dvhyt5er
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    Aug 2005
    thank you

    i will tell her that you said i should talk about it.
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    Slow it down and enjoy the process.

    That's what it's about. Not the final goal.
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