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Thread: XP User accounts .V. Pest patroll

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    I just recently helped out two friends computers,
    Each family has 4+ user accounts on the PCs
    One computer had been on the net with no firewall for the last 6 months, Pest patroll crashed after finding 1400 + pests in the system
    this PC was well Fubar, but I got it back ok.

    I'm removing threats from the pc's using pest patrol, but stuff is still being left in other user accounts, this is a right pain.
    How do I remove hidden threats from all accounts at the same time?
    is this possible?

    The only solution at the mo for me is to encourage them to have one Account with a folder for each family member kept in My Docs

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    Run Pest Patrol in Safemode using the "Administrator" account. If it needs a password, ask them for it. The Administrator account has access to every users data, plus Safemode doesn't allow any of the spyware and viruses to run. (it only loads the barebone essentials for needed for windows xp to run, nothing else.)

    I recommend you grab a copy of Microsofts Antispyware and Nod32 to run some other scans. Run Adware and SpybotSearchandDestroy afterwards to do an extreme cleaning. The system should be clean as a wistle after those cleanings.

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    Thanks for this nice post!


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