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Thread: Funsharing

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    what happened to funsharing??? anyone know whats going on???

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    was a member there looks like they lost there domain or didn't renew it.

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    err...the site is still up and running fine.

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    This domain name expired on Mar 04, 2006.
    Click here to renew it.

    I know of three users who got the same problem can't get to the forum no more on .net url could you pm me the url please have they changed it.
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  5. BitTorrent   -   #5 a member with a pretty decent they have a new url???

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    the problem was the domain did expire, and the admin did not get a renewal notice but it is ok now.

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    Yep it back again thanks for the info.

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    "I understand that I must not mention this
    community in any other public medium, including
    public forums, message boards and shout boxes.
    The only external reference to FunSharing allowed
    with be FSC.
    Reference to our community in Private Messages, and
    any other private medium is allowed.

    I understand that breaking this rule will result in
    my account being disabled without warning."

    heh, interesting rule.

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    hi new to this but badly want to find a good file sharing site i was told funsharing was really good but can any1 tell me how to get a ticket number for it please or of any other good sites to use x

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    FSC is not as good as it used to be.

    Although they are improving in alot of ways.

    Torrent Damage is a good site, i have great speeds from them(200-250+kbs) and that is on a 2MB connection in the UK. They are not always giving out invites though, somtime you can just sign up no problem, other times you need a ticket


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