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Thread: putting games on the xbox hd

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    well i just got my xbox modded n i just wanna know if i can put iso's directly into the games folder on xbox or is there some other stuff i have to do??

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    n/m found it myself

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    Well hopefully you already have ftp access to your xbox if not start reading here
    Found the router method very simple...(for my xbox backups that I've saved from the originals)
    I'm pretty new to xbox as well but I've figured out most things...Even replaced my hardrive...I would suggest (quix)
    but I have the avalaunch dashboard so I may be kinda bias.Its very east to use..I've also heard the program (craxtion works well)

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    Quote Originally Posted by barnaby
    n/m found it myself
    getting older and slower o-well hope all goes well...

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    thanks man but i found c-xboxtools and flashfxp just took a few minutes to get the hang of it. i also got a 120gb HD installed.


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