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Thread: Boosting sound on video

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    Hi All, I just recorded some video, and one sceen the sound is very low, does anyone know a good, easy to use prog to rip audio off an AVI in order to boost the volume and but it back in the video?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    extract adiuo via *virtual dub or extract adio via *cool edit
    in cool edit - amplify filter - then save as wav
    when done in virtualdub - load video >audio > wav audio

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    The easiest way is to load the avi into Virtual Dub and under the Video tab select Direct Stream (no re-encoding of the video) and under the Audio tab select Full Processing and for compression choose the same codec and bitrate you already have unless you want to change it. Then choose the Volume section, check the box for volume change and move the slider to near 250% and save the avi as the same name with mod or 2 or something tacked on the end and check it to see if your satisfied. Adjust the slider and re-do for more or less volume. I have found that especially Ac3 files seem to be lower volume than wave or Mp3 and I have found that near 250% is better for most Ac3 and some need even more.
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