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Thread: Movies Are Always Crashing?

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    hey i have most codecs(i think) but most movies that i play crash whatever player its being used in??? is there anything i need to install, or have installed and need to get rid off?

    can you please help me, thanks

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    Sounds like you don't have enough memory. You really shouldn't be having problems like this.
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    yeah i dont know why i got this problem aint memory cus i got like over 50 gb free.......
    its really annoying me!! lol

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    Pretty sure they are refering to RAM. It doesn't really matter how much space you have on your hard drive. If you don't have a lot of RAM and a fast processor, it's going to be difficult to watch movies without a slight headache. Make sure all other applications are closed so you can focus on the media player!

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    I built a new system and had this problem, no matter what codecs I tried to use it crashed (and I tried loads of bios combos&#33... until I put on the SLD Codec pack (search forums for link) and every since it's worked with no problem!

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    dont listen to them, ur system if completely fine

    what ur problem is, is that u have downloaded a corrupt movie file, a chunk is missing or just messed up

    u can go ahead and try and redownload it again but im willing to bet the next 3-6 times it will still be corrupt.

    thats y i dont use kazaa to download big files such as movies and games, because kazaa will almost always give u a corrupt file becuase its unstable and ur always jumping supernodes

    ur best bet is to get the movie off of overnet, it may take longer but u wont have to redownload it again and again.

    its not ur system its the file

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    and if ur worried about codec problems the only two codec packs u need are

    nimo codec pack and the sld codec pack (*edit, look for them on google*)

    but ur describing a problem (watching the movie then error pops up and the player crashes and goes to desktop) that i had with almost all my files i dl off kazaa, and theres nothing u can do about it, u got a rotten file.

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    Actually it just says crash - my films where ok before I upgraded then I had porblem where I was crashing with BSOD (could play games and anything else ok, just movies I could not watch) and as I said the new codec pack fixed my problem.


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