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Thread: who plays WoW

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    i havnt been on FST for freaking ever but im back if anyone remembers me..

    anyway who here plays wow? what are your charectors and your server?!


    Server: Bleeding hollow
    faction: Horde
    Twisterxx: lvl 60 troll priest
    Eboshi: lvl 35 undead mage

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    Colt Seevers's Avatar P()()p!3 $CR/-\P3R$ BT Rep: +3
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    Oct 2002
    I remember ya...i think

    Oh, but I Don't play WoW though... Used to be SWG, but thats went even further downhill, so I'm waiting for Elder Scrolls III

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    i use to play WOW but that 14.95 a month was getting to me plus i was paying for XBL so i play guild wars and guild wars factions is coming out soon!!

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    Monkeee's Avatar Post Whore
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    i had a lvl 60 rogue on Blackrock, but as soon as i got my dal rends i stopped playing.


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