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Thread: Fixing screwy files

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    Hey there,

    In the course of creating my collection of movies, I have had the odd file or three that are not quite right. They are broken in some manner. For instance:

    1) I have the Lame mpeg 3 codec but the occasional movie says that it cannot decompress the audio stream when I try to fix it in Virtual Dub or Virtual Dub mod. This happens for about 2% of the files I have that use this codec so I am sure that it is not a missing codec file problem because it works fine with 98% of the files.

    2) I have had the same problem with the Divx video codec (could not decompress) as above. However, I use Divx exclusively and this only happened with 1% of my divx files.

    3) I had one film that was 45 minutes long. But, when I open it in Virtual dub, it only registers the first 12 minutes of the film. In other words, something at the 12:03 time mark stops virtual dub from recognizing the remaining 33 minutes. I can play the entire file (all 45 minutes of it) in Windows Media Player but if I try to reencode the file, I can only get 12:03 of it.

    The only solution I have tried is to use Error Mode in Virtual Dub to fix/isolate these problems but it says I have all good frames and no bad frames.

    So what I was wondering was: Is there a program out there that can open, diagnose and fix bad video and/or audio streams?

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    Sometimes this program DivFix fixes DVD rips that have goofy codec stuff or errors. Strip & rebuild the index and sometimes it will play fine afterwards. is a good site with audio & video tools. Here is the link to DivFix 1.10:


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