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Thread: 96kb of program code

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    Question Mark

    how much program code can be stored in 96 kbytes?

    Download and check it out! ~ great game


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    May 2003
    This got posted ages ago, something about creating textures on the fly.

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    Jul 2003
    old as hell takes up lots of memory becuase it does everythign throught DX

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    Runs ok on my dragon32

    Yes it's an old one, But ya got to admit all that in 96 kbytes,
    impressive crunching going on.
    An interesting game, bit sharp on the mouse, but glad I had a go.
    I had no problems running, was quite smooth.
    did not expect the game to be as good as it was, had a PS2 feel about it
    wonder what happened to the executable packer idea? that was well interesting

    And thanks to for some interesting work
    The idiosyncratic syntax of riddles interests me


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