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Thread: Here's How To Fit 120mins Movie On One Cd In Svcd

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    I was looking though dvdrhelp forum and found what thought would be one of those articles that claims something but turns out be nothing, the article was entitled
    HERE's HOW TO FIT 120mins movie on one cd in SVCD FORMAT!!!!

    Now this article began in March 2002 and gos on for 20 pages, but the suggestion was that you first encode a movie to .asf format with an old windows media encoder, the new ones wont work, you can get the file here in a pack called Microsoft multimedia tools and then encode the asf file normally with tmpgenc.

    Anyway to draw a long story short a person who gos by the aliase of Kwag has taken this on as a project and the format is now known as Kvcd most DVD players will play it but check out to see if your player has been tested for this format, mines is a cheap DVD and plays it with no problems, the link also has templates for the format.

    Give it ago and tell us how it went.

    Kvcd homepage

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    I remember this being posted a few months ago. Payed no attention to it as I didn't start encoding yet but will do so now

    btw, the cheap dvd players are THE best!

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    there's a program to automate kvcds it's called acp so ii'll give that a try

    link for acp

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    m8 have u tri doing it ur self?
    i just stared reading the few pages,and so far even thought it seens possible the final quality seems quite debatable.
    what's yr opinion?

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    does this actualy work?

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    I download movies and burn them to one CD all the time (I think about 50 so far). It's very simple and nothing like the instruction listed?


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