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    I don't know if this has been reported elsewhere, but just a heads up.. The Digital Media Consumers' Rights Act is being readdressed in Congress. This would make it legal to make copies of digial media for private use, in the same way it is legal to copy (and distribute - as long as no money changes hands) analog media. It would also decriminalize copywrite avoidance techniques. This bill has the potential to protect the rights of consumers while effectivly disabling the RIAA's current p2p assault. The main focus here is equal rights of users of both analog and digital media - why is it legal to copy one, but not the other.. even if the product (music) is the same?

    Do your part and send your letter to congress in favor of protecting the rights of consumers every where.
    so if your american do your patriotic duty and send them a letter here

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    sounds good


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