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Thread: Will Google Launch A GDrive Or Not?

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    [news=]Letís start with a little bit of history. The concept of storing your very important and precious data online is nothing new. There are already several companies which, for a monthly or annual fee, rent you a certain number of MB in order for you to save those essential data that you donít want to lose if your personal computer begins to malfunction.

    Thus, the GDrive, an online storage service offered by Google, doesnít really incite our imaginations due to the novelty of this idea, but because weíre talking about Google, whoís doing everything on a very large scale. And thatís why we might get lots of free online GB, which we could use in order to store images, e-mails, bookmarks, documents. And actually, itís quite difficult to estimate just how much of the tens and hundreds of GB that we store on our PCs are really essential, this being a subject that realty varies from case to case.

    Rivals answer back :

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    i would only use it if i didnt need like an application for it. if it was like gmail it would be good.

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    probly gonna be costs, if it was free id use it


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