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Thread: Help with PHP please

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    I recently began getting actually interested in learning PHP, a much easier way of editing my site, but I'm at a lost on how to start.

    Of course all the codes that major computer programming sites provide are much too confusing for me to try and figure out what exactly is this and that.

    If any one could help me, even if it is just a site, that'd be awesome.

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    What exactly did you need help with?

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    What do you want to start with?

    Start code with <?php and end with ?>.
    End a line or function with ;
    ECHO is to print text and variables to screen example:
    PHP Code:
    echo "My name is " $variable ".";
    A variable start with $ sign, example:
    PHP Code:
    A conditional (if) makes code between curly brackets ({ }) only run if a condition is meant, example:
    PHP Code:
    if ($variable=='rossco')
    "Variable is rossco";
    "Variable is not rossco";
    That is a few basics to get you started, or you can tell me what you want and I will start it for you.

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    You need to get more specific, but some sites that come to mind atm:

    Getting started -binaries, documentation, manuals, etc - decent PHP community site. Articles, code snippets, forums, etc. - more of a general web development site with heavy focus on PHP. Nice forums.

    More advanced
    PEAR - extensions, mmm
    Hardened PHP - for the security nazis
    Smarty - template engine

    PHP based packages


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