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Thread: Today I've Been mostly......

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    Looking for a 4x4 (+)(+)

    Not had one for a few years now & I'm stuck with my peugeot estate.
    it's ok for carrying the surfboards, but I can't get to the remote areas.
    Our best spot is at Blakeney point, but as you can see by the picture it's quite a remote spot, the Bar is at the far end of the picture to the right.

    The surf @ the point is excellent, best on the norfolk coast, The sand bars are close in and can give off a good 12ft glassy wave.
    many a yatch in Blakeny Harbour have been caught out, as it's calm on the inside but wild swell on the bar.
    I used to have a Toyota HiLux 4x4 going back 8 year ago, But the best wagon I had was my Daihatsu F50 Jeep, excellent wagon.

    I'm going for a Toyata Surf this time, just the wagon for my needs,
    if I can get one at a good price!
    I'm not going for a Automatic though,
    but looking for something similar to this


    Good looks & good reviews.
    This will serve our up & coming surf team in Sheringham, only 3 at the mo
    But it gives good interest to the interested.
    I just hope that the Headworx compition comes back this year,
    That will get the n00bs in the water

    just a quick note about the Surf Relief UK Day is on the 8th of April 2006

    last years events raised over 10,000
    Surf Relief UK ~
    Please give it a look, and if you can possibly support us in any way please do!

    Thanks from Baz
    The idiosyncratic syntax of riddles interests me

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    too many words to read. i'll try later

    get in the $100 fred for now


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