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Thread: Free ISP NGs?

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    i have a question about Road Runner's NG i was wondering if it cost more or anything i have RR and im currently going to use NG but i was wondering if i download something that i would be charged a sum of money for downloadin? is this true or false can someone simplify this for me? Thanks in Advance

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    When your internet provider offers Usenet service its generally included with your plan. Some may have a TOS as to how much you can dl overall and some have caps on their Usenet also. The problem is most of them have low retention and some have poor completetion. You could always call and get the details of their Usenet service though...

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    so it wouldnt cost money to download from newsgroups right? but there are always caps is that waht you're saying? as in 3 gbs in a month or so right?
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    i have rr for newsgroup..yes its free..and no download caps
    but the retention and completion really sucks..they delete files
    within 20 hours .. completion is around 33 % and
    most dvdr groups arent even i dont even bother with rr advice to u is to get a premium news-server like newshosting or giganews

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    I too have RoadRunner and have witnessed it insanely crappy Usenet service. 20 Hour retention is kinda setting the bar to high for them even. If you don't down it within the first 10 hours of it's being posted, I wouldn't even try with RR. Not to mention you will be lucky to have enough PAR's to complete the files.

    I've actually witnessed files falling off the server faster than I could download them, at 600kB/s

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    I think speakeasy internet access comes with giganews usenet service


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