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Thread: I Need Help (ahem)

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    I've gotta a Win2K box and a Win XP box and I want to connect them using the LAN cards and a cross over cat 5 cable. The problem is this;

    I configure both boxes LAN cards to have different IP's on the same subnet etc. I can then ping from the XP box to the Win2K box but when I try and ping the XP box from the Win 2K box I get request timed out !?!?!

    I have shared folders on each box, there is no fire wall or anything flash being set up. Please help, this has only happened since I moved from Win 98 to XP.

    I've done the fault finding on the boxes, all the hardware has checked out ok, any ideas peeps ?


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    That's got me stumped, cbock, but I just couldn't stand to see that ' 0 ' in the reply column to your post, so here I am. Helpful, huh ?
    But I do know where to get the answer you seek actually ( if you haven't already thought of it, that is ) go to the Microsoft site and navigate to their forum under XP help. There's some pretty sharp minds over there. They solved some pretty tricky tech stuff for me more than once.

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    Sorry, I think I cant help. What is win2k? Is that a earlier version of windows?

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    Can you ping the win2k from XP....I had this problem before...but mine was from win 98 to XP......make sure u have administrator rights on XP first then go check the settings you have everything under....I mean the Network Security and sharing properties.....Let me ask you this...can you see the folders that are shared on ur Win2k from XP......if so then thats have to reconfigure ur seetings on the XP to allow win2k to access XP.without having it run into either password or some other security measure. (I ran into it asking me for a password even when I didnt have one set up)...Oh btw...R u using a hub or r are u just going from card to card...I recommend the hub....that way u dont have to worry about configuring anything just plug and play.....

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    Originally posted by Got_memory?@24 April 2003 - 12:06
    Sorry, I think I cant help. What is win2k? Is that a earlier version of windows?
    win2k is windows 2000

    I think you need more memory

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    Thanks for the reply peeps, I'll have another go with the options then onwards to the ms website if that doesn't work


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    I had the same problem. Found out it was something simple. Wasn't using cross-wired cables (X-over cable), just the regular CAT-5.

    Got a X-over cable(mine is orange) hooked up, good to go.


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