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    I d/l NOLF 1 but i cant get it started. I decompressed it and tried starting. I get the message "Nolf.exe cannot use Win32". Anyone out there who can help????


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    I had the same problem. I don't know if it really works. If it does I would need someone to tell me how to get it to work too.

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    i once had it working, but i think it was on windows 98 and not windows XP

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    (assuming you don't know) there should be an .nfo file aroudn there that should explain the proper way of installing the game. if you've done all that stuff already, and are on windows xp, try changing the compatability mode, i think you set that when you right click the icon and go to properties. im on win98 and i have the goty edition, so i've never had that problem, you might also need some patches.

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    try runing it in compatability mode in Xp

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    Doesnt work in compatability mode :unsure:

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    perhaps its a bad copy you got there. try redownloading it. or buy it dammit! it's an old game, should be really cheap! and it's a great game too! i bought it. when it came out. for lots of money..

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    Hmm Cant tell you
    you guys of the board should all know xp doesnt have MS-Dos.the prog uses some MS-Dos based things so it becomes a problem(I think)

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    If this is the same RIP version as I have, you must read the noone.nfo file for specific instructions on how to install it. Here it is in a nutshell:

    1. Unzip.
    2. Unace either manually or use our installer. When you unpack manually,
    unace the Crack.ace afterwards.
    3. Run Setup.bat to decompress SFX+GFX. This will take some time, fully
    depending on the speed of your cpu, of course.
    4. Doubleclick the NOLF.reg.
    5. Start the game with Start.bat. Make sure you keep the movies turned
    off and the subtitles turned on in the options.

    (Unlike the full game, you can't run this one by just opening Nolf.exe)

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    Originally posted by akitotinkawa2@28 April 2003 - 06:56
    you guys of the board should all know xp doesnt have MS-Dos.the prog uses some MS-Dos based things so it becomes a problem(I think)
    Win XP is the best DOS emulator i have seen

    it can run all DOS programs, just use the command line (click start>>run>>type cmd>> and use the full path and file name from there.......It may just work

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