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Thread: Sim City 4

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    Hi i have never downloaed a 2 cd game but how do i insert second disk? when asked
    please help i wana go on it

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    Have u tried burning the images to disk using CDmage

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    No i aint got a working cd copier but u can do it without burning to cd carnt u?!??!"

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    only if you have certain programs. I was runnin the game of the computer. The program i used was CDmage. Hope thats some help.

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    Ok but dont it ask for 2nd cd

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    just select the 2nd disk information or thats what i did.

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    Could you explain what i got to do i aint very good in this topic

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    it would just be easier to get someone to burn the whole lot to disk for you or just buy the game.jjjju

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    I sent you an im tellin you what to do man

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