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Thread: Justin Timberlake Tv Prank

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    ok im not really sure about this, but from what i know is that justin timberlake was a victim of a tv prank, which they repo. his stuff due to some money problems. this was aired on mtv. so if anyone has this that would be wonderfull B)

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    It was on MTV yesterday, it's on a show called "punked" the poof was nearly in tears, I was pissing myself.

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    lol, I sure clips of it on tv before hand. I really wanted to see it, has it been aired yet?

    It made me laugh to hear he was close to tears calling his mum explaining what happened, and when he sees "his" guitar being smashed to pieces

    edit: ahhh, just not fast enough, so is it on kazaa?

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    yep, but the only one i see is a pretty hefty 80 MB, from 2 sources. Currently creeping in a 0.36kb/s.

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    see NoX's post in verifieds for a hash for another .wmv file that is only 27MB, much better. i searched for punkd first and got that 80MB file coming up, but if you just search for punk d with the space in the middle, or punk'd, you'll find lots of sources with even the hash. the file size is 27821kb. I'm downloading at the max my cable modem can handle, so you should get it quite easy. only 3 minutes left til i lmao at this guy.

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    That is the funniest thing I have ever seen. Anyone who aint seen it download it lol


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