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Thread: magicgroceries?

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    New popup on Internet explorer software, "magicgroceries"
    firewall alert "magicgroceries" wants to connect to the web!
    started last night, But I thought it was something to do with the MSN 8 beta install I did very recently.
    Just updated pest patrol & it's found 1 item Grokster p2p!!! wtf is that?
    Registry Hkey_classes_Root\Magnet , that may be the problem but unsure.

    Not had any problem for a long time on this pc, And not seen this one before.
    very little on google about magicgroceries apart from the shareholders info.

    I did find that has the same ip as on my firewall
    the site is not accessible, 403 error
    and is hosted by

    Don't know if anyone else has had this popup?

    any advice apricated
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    Have you tried posting a HijackThis log on the log analyzer here?

    It will tell you if you have any known spyware or malware running behind the scenes. And even tell you which registry keys to have the hijackthis app "fix".

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    Also try a virus scanner and Adware/Spyware scanner.

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    Do your scanning from safemode for a better chance of deletion. Sounds like a Browser hijack.
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    Thank you for the info

    Like I said in my fist post, not had a problem till now with my PC.

    I have been working on a friends computer, just my luck

    She had moved it, "as some do" then plugged it back in the power supply and the power pack Blew up!
    I have no idea how or why, but It may of been live at the time.

    I put her hard drive in my computer to see if it was running ok,
    but did not take it back out after the test.
    I cant understand why AVG did not pick anything up before now.
    I've just ran a full test on that drive with a bit of a shock!

    Results =

    I've never seen anything like it. 1059 Viruses!!!

    Great shame I put that in my PC, can't make myself out at times.
    Well, I could remove most of the crap from her drive,
    but AVG won't touch it.
    So the best thing is just give her back her pc with a new power pack in,
    But I've not got the time to fix the viruses at the mo
    run away

    I'm just glad my PC is ok

    Thanks from Celebs
    The idiosyncratic syntax of riddles interests me


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