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Thread: Has anyone got in trouble file sharing w/ torrents?

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    I got harrassed my Metallica a long time ago (on napster), but haven't heard anything since. Is it time to worry about my security, or can you still trade torrents w/o worry?

    Anyone been popped yet? (In US)

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    i think you're more like to get struck by lightning sharks

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    Rogers sent me an email regarding me downloading a movie once and cutted my internet off for about 3 days...then i used Peer Guardian and nothin has happened ever since

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    My ISP cut my connection once for sharing the Star Wars 3 screener. Had to promise never to breack the DMCA again before they re-enabled my connect.

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    More often than not, the only trouble that is dished out in the US are warning letters for getting caught using torrents from big name sites like Suprnova and TorrentSpy. The real thing of it is, you as a downloader are almost impossible to stop, so the ones that the xxIA are worried about are the people that upload huge amounts of data. They are trying to stop filesharing before it happens, by getting the uploaders.

    Thats not to say that your ISP can't be subpeona'd for your IP address though.

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    Using something like peerguardian or protowall helps block connections to the bad people but nothing is 100% safe, it a risk you and i take but adds to the fun heh?!!

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    in a newspaper link i was sent, the axis of evil filed suit in federal court against 12 john does and a Dick Bigwood. the reporter claimed they searched phone number data base and tax records and were unable to locate Mr. Bigwood. Could this reporter be this stupid? Ill look for the link to share the laughs.

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    What about hide ip. That protects you right??

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    hiding your IP helps but it can be traced... Also, many proxies are set up to catch filesharers. Also, free proxies are usually very slow..

    Just make sure to use Peerguardian 2 and you should be okay.
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