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Thread: My computer Estimate

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    Can you guys help me with a estimate.

    Hp 502n
    Intel Celeron
    Windows Xp
    liteon dvd-rw cd-rw drive
    cd drive
    160gb hd
    256mb ram
    15inch lcd sony monitor
    Ethernet Card
    4 usb slots
    Compaq wireless keyboard and mouse

    and thats pretty much all i can think of...can you guys just tell me wht you would pay. Thank you

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    not much...probably 500-600 CAD. and only cuz of that Sony LCD.

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    A good entry level PC from Quickfind code: 106600

    Fujitsu Siemens X102
    Intel Celeron 330 (2.66GHz)
    256 MB RAM
    40 GB Hard Drive
    Microsoft Windows XP Home *
    DVD Drive, PS/2 keyboard and Mouse

    198.99 inc VAT + 4.89 Shipping
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