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Thread: In desperate need of a fax program

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    I am in desperate need of a fax program fast. I have Mighty Fax version 3.08 and really liked it but the free trail has expired. Tried some serial numbers and re-installing but nothing will make it work. Anyone know a good fax program that will not take all night to download from a dial up? Thanks

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    Chewie's Avatar Chew E. Bakke
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    My favoured on was Norton Winfax Pro, but that'll definitely take all night on dialup.
    I've seen 32-bit Fax posted recently in alt.binaries.warez.ibmpc.0-day so that will probably still be on your ISP's newsgroup server. Alternatively, you could probably download a trial version of that just for this occasion then find a permanent replacement when you have time.
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    Thanks Chewie


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