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    I heard this from a friend not too long ago. . . . .
    Well there was two pretist's going to have a shower and when they get their they finally realise they don't have soap. So one of the already naked prestist's goes to get two soaps from a storage cabinent. He walks their and on his way back he hears two nun's walking down and soon catches a gimples of them.

    He get's worried very quickly of the nun's recongising him so he frezzes and hold's the two soaps up in his hands. He act's like a statue hopeing that the nun's will just walk past.

    They soon discover him standing their and assume he is a naked statue one of the nuns is curious and says how real he looks. She investiages and pulls on his dick after that he accidently drops one of the soaps. She grabs it and says look its a soap despinser.

    The other nun is intrigued and has a go herself which results in the other soap dropping. Soon enough the big "Head" nun comes along. She soon joins the party of nun's which results in them telling her about the new statue,soap dispenser.

    They explain how it works and soon enough she has pulled on it without result. She pulls it a few more times but still nothing the prestist is soon sweating and looking worried she is wondering what is wrong she increases the speed and soon enough a white liquid comes out and onto her hand. The other nun's stare and say wow look hand lotion.

    Sorry it is a little fucked because I had to write it out al by myself i didn't copy and paste it at all.

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    Heard the same joke in Finnish in 1999. Old one.

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    hehehe good one

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    Originally posted by K3iSir@25 April 2003 - 20:30
    Heard the same joke in Finnish in 1999. Old one.
    well i liked it... B)


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