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Thread: Mc*f** proven to be POS again!

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    [news=]Excel = Virus … At Least to McAfee

    Can you say oops? A really big oops? I hope you didn’t lose your copy of Excel because of this. Because of an error in a virus definition update, McAfee’s antivirus product was, for a brief time today, quarantining or deleting, depending upon your settings, Excel and other applications from PCs.

    “At about 1 p.m. PST we started getting reports that people were seeing an unusual number of W95/CTX infections in their environment,” Telafici said. “Files that we did identify would probably be deleted or quarantined, depending on your settings.”

    When a file gets quarantined, it’s renamed and moved to a different folder. McAfee’s antivirus software detected Excel.exe and Graph.exe, two Microsoft Office components, as well as other software, including AdobeUpdateManager.exe, an application installed alongside Adobe products that deals with software updates, Telafici said. Source:

    The error occurred in virus definition file 4715, which was released at about 10:45 AM PST, and was fixed in virus definition file 4716, released at about 3:30 PM.

    March 10, 2006

    By Michael Santo
    Contributing Writer, RealTechNews

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    I wonder if Norton is behind this?

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    norton. i wonder if thats what they use for their computers.


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