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Thread: Wanna Move Some Files

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    G'day folks,

    Wonder if anyone can take me thru or point it out as I just don't know what to do. Got a VIAO with XP windows all is clear and easy.

    Since I discovered KaZaa Lite I've kept my programme open almost 20hours a day 24/7 [on cable].

    In my Defragmentation window [D drive?] it tells me that I've got 99% free space which I just don't know how to get into, really would like to get access to this space as I should like to store my growing collection of music in there, at the moment I still have about 60% free in [C drive?] and this is the space where I wanna keep my software downloads etc.

    Am I asking too much

    I'm fairly new to Computers, retired [health demands] 69yr old Aussie artist, so hope that someone might know what I have to do or to help me in any whichway possible?


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    I have no Idea.... Shouldnt this be in the software or hardware section?

    Good luck!

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    go to explorer-This computer...
    do you have A:\

    right click on the d:\ click properties.... then you see the size of the disk and the amount of free space...
    cause 99% of 10 mb isn't much but if it is some GB...!
    If it is enough free space you van use right click cut/copy in the different dir's and paste in the d:\ drive...
    but for the use of that i better recommend you the windows help/tutorial.
    If i were you i would look for course for using pc and windows for seniors.
    I'm from the netherlands and here are a lot of those groups. That is really the best way to start...
    If you can find such groups, buy a book. Windows for Dummies.... . They are really fun to read and good to use... everey issue is illustrated with the exact screens...
    They are in almost every language, assuming you have Windows XP this is the one you need:

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    Hello again, particularly Jetje,

    Thanks for your input, tried to follow your directions but I don't think that that was the path that I needed as it didn't seem to take me to where I wanted to go.

    It's 99% GBs, on D and 60% GBs on C. The thing is that I;m rather reticent to keeping too many files in my share folder and I should rather like to add quite a lot more, as I feel that I should return the service as best as I can, I'm into 20th cent' classicals, Russian and the like, and also things like DAF, Kate Bush and so on, incidentally I've picked up many rare recordings and I cannot speak too highly about KaZaa Lite.

    Tried to work with THAT book for dummies, but couldn't take all that humour.

    My name in KaZaaLite is COBBER and by the way I'm in Amsterdam

    All the best....blueyblue


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