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Thread: Championship Manager 4

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    Can some body please help me. I've recently downloaded CM4 i've installed it and when i click on the icon the whole screen goes black. its almost like the games there and running but its just a black screen and i can't do anything with it. I have extracted all the files using CDmage. Its also the second time ive downloaded this and its the same old story. Thanks

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    ur time is worth more then 35 buy it

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    Setup the DirectX that comes with it, if that dont work, you sure you've got the cpu specs for it?

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    Wot are the specs 2 play the game then?
    (soz bout bringin up the old post, but i need 2 kno)

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    24.99, thats all i have to say, they deserve it dude, for an excellent game thru the years


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