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Thread: kazaa lite resurrection problem

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    I am having trouble connecting. I just bought a new computer and i installed kazaa lite resurrcetion version and I cant seem to connect? Please help me

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    It's a dirty distro. Get another.

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    How do I do that cause I downloaded this from a site that I pay for software downloads called

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    You better see if you can get your money back because Kazaa is free! No joke.. Do NOT pay for kazaa... or any filesharing program (there are a few exceptions).. Youve been scammed.. If you payed via credit card, contact your credit card company and see if you can get your money back.

    You can get a free clean kazaa here:
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    and instead of a free clean kazaa which has little users why not move up to limewire or shareaza
    and once you have worked it out - move on to bittorent or newsgroups which are posted on this site.
    all for free


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