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Thread: WinRAR Help?

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    Whenever i download a .rar file that consists of lots of folders full of files, and then i extract them, it just extracts all the files into one folder without maintaining the folder structure I see on the screen. This causes problems especially when files in the different folders have the same name, because then it asks me if i want to overwrite the files. Is there an option I can change that will maintain the folder structure of the original files?

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    I've only had a problem with this happening when the archive wasn't created with the option to keep relative paths.
    There doesn't seem to be an option in WinRAR for this when extracting archives, so if you open the archive and see a directory structure (files inside separate folders) then WinRAR should extract them properly.
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    thanks man, it works now! i just didn't know that the key term I needed to be looking for in the options was "relative paths", but now I found it. I was searching everywhere for anything that said "folders". You saved me a bunch of trouble, so thanks again.


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