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Thread: No access to post tut

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    Haven't really read all rules yet but it does seem a little silly to restrict access for anyone to post tuts in that section when we are after all helping others which is how communities work.
    I though I would be able to post some decent posts as I have missed out over a long period.
    Just my ten penneth.

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    You can post but not start a thread in the Guides Sections. There were threads started that werent Guides at times so this was to keep the Guide Sections clean. If you have a Guide that you think would be good for the board just post it in the appropriate section in the FileSharing or Discussions forums and then pm an Admin or Moderator stating you think it should be in the Guide Section and if all is well it will be moved there. Always glad to have a new member looking to contribute something. Also hope you Enjoy the site and your stay...

    EDIT: Just noticed youve been here two years!!
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    And you have to restrict access to some sections to prevent n00bs from posting useless things.

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    New FST word: tut.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Virtualbody1234
    New FST word: tut.
    Didn't you know? This board holds more personalized slang then most High Schools.

    I have to agree with TwisterX though, a lot of people will post things that aren't quite "Guides and Tutorial" and be upset when it's not pinned as such. Restricting the ability to post there limits the flood of useless content.


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