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Thread: Laptop Harddrives

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    I know ive posted this as a sub thread in the usb HDD topic but didnt get any replies thats why i have made a new topic.

    I have a Sony Vaio Laptop, 12gig internal hdd. ive just bought an external cdrw for 100, a hefty chunk i know, and i was wondering if it is possible to buy a bigger internal hdd and if so what size would i have to look out for 2.5" and 3.5" mean nothing to me. and what sort of prices would i be looking at for say a 40gig one or bigger.

    Also, would it be cheaper to buy an external Ilink one or the internal laptop one, if indeed it is possible to buy an internal laptop hdd, as i know i cant get a new video card without buying a new motherboard and cpu as well.

    thanx for your help in advance.


    PS: im in the uk as well so only prices in please.

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    Internal hardrives for laptops come in different sizes(like you've stated). They will be much more expensive due to the labor involved for installation, and the fact that they are not generic (like desktops PCs). Laptops are more difficult to work on. Disassembly is not quite as simple as a desktop.

    An external hardrive would be the most simple. You can buy several types. You can also use an old desktop hardrive(cheapest way to go). Kits are available to convert them for external use.
    Or you can buy one from Sony($&#036. Either way, they will connect to your laptop via firewire(preferred) or a USB jack. You probably have both jacks on your VAIO laptop.
    Tigerdirect here in the US sells all sorts of hardware and has many different options that would work for you. Go there to get some ideas. I'm sure there are vendors in the UK that sell similar product.

    Hope that helps m8


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