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Thread: when 'Torrent is already posted'.

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    Ok, has anyone here taken a torrent with just a few seeders and posted it
    in other bittorrent sites with the purpose of getting more seeders so yoo can later
    get it faster?
    Well, I have,
    first I thought that doing it was humm, kinda selfish, but now that I think about it,
    many people besides me benefit of that in the long term.

    Ok, the thing is that in a few ocasions that I have tried to do it,
    some site comes with an error message like this:
    -"This torrent (or torrent with same hash or tracker) is already posted in our database"-.
    Well, is there any way to outsmart that?
    any ideas?

    and back to the begining,
    do you think its wrong to do that?

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    Most torrent indexing sites have a rule against posting torrents that are on their own tracker on other sites.

    As for tricking the site, you wouldn't be able to I wouldn't think, as the torrent hash would have to be different, however if you changed the hash, it wouldn't connect to the same peer pool.


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