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Thread: Dvd tuts, make,copy etc

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    Ok a lot of people download movies in either bin/cue files, avis or mpeg and wonder how they can get them onto dvd to play in their dvd players.

    Here’s a simple guide to that and to copying original dvds.


    If you download a movie and it is in bin/cue files the easiest way is to use VcdGear to convert them to mpeg, simply run Vcd gear and the load the cue file in.
    Then setup the output file such as cue/bin – mpeg.
    Under options open directories and make a default folder where you want to save the mpeg file.
    Then simply click start.
    Do this with all the cue files for the movie.
    VDC Gear is free and can easily be found using Google etc.

    Ok so you now have some files that you can use if they have been converted this way or you downloaded Avi files.


    Install Dvix-dvd and then run.
    Click on file at the top and browse for files Avi or Mpeg etc (you can add 1 file then add another and so on) then under settings chose general and choose a working folder where you want the finished dvd to be, then click convert.
    Easy as that.

    CloneDVD & AnyDVD:

    To copy an original dvd I use Clone dvd which has to be run with AnyDvd in the tray(Any dvd removes the protection )
    Some later versions of Clone Dvd have anydvd built into them but I still find the separate programs much better.

    Really a tut is not needed for this as it is self explanatory, just choose whether you want just the movie or the menus as well.

    Using this method there must be some degradation in quality but to be honest I doubt the human eye can see this unless you zoom in and in and in.
    Some of the newer movies on dvd have later protection which will not work with Clone dvd so you can use DvdDe-cryptor which will remove the newer protection and so allow CloneDvd to copy.

    Hope these simple tuts help someone.

    If you also use Record Now for copying copies then I find you must turn off Any dvd otherwise Record Now will not read the source disc.
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    gr8 work many thnx

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    thax a lot for showing me


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