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Thread: Video Card

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    i don thave much info on these hardware but which is the best video card now?????i have navida tnt2 now installed and i want to upgrade pc is 1.5ghz i'll upgrade it too to 3.6ghz .

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    Im not sure about the best but I know the geforce 4 ti4800 is amazing.

    Imagine playing gta3 at 1024x768 res with graphics all max at 125 fps

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    yeah i have gf4 ti4800, doesnt get any better than this man

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    Those I pretty decent, if not the best in the market yet, but if you do wait, you will want the GeForce FX series . Proudly presenting the GF FX 5200, and FX 5600 Ultra.

    GeForceFX 5200 Ultra

    GeForceFX 5600 Ultra

    Leave the tomshardware link alone, I'm not trying to spam .

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    Yeah the FX5200Ultra sounds really tasty...128mb,DX9 and best of all, going for less than a hundred. But I am in two minds cause ATI 9500 or 9700(whatever they're called&#33 seem to knock most other cards out in benchmarks.

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    You can get the 9800 pro if you got the cash ,very expencive.
    I suggest getting a msi ti4200 series w/128mb ddr great preformance and
    even better deal

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    if you got 400$ lying around, you cant beat a Radeon 9800 pro. The 128meg version is the fastest card out right now... with a 256meg version to follow in a month or so. So if you have like 500$ lying around, wait for that one.

    Budget wise... the 9600 radeon is top notch at the moment, as it is highly overclockable, and beats the radeon 9500, now discontinued, easily when overclocked.

    Note, these ATI recommendations come from a hard core Nvidia user...

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    I have to agree with nahan here - don't buy the very top end card - you pay a lot more for very little increase in performance. If you're upgrading from a tnt2, fairly much any card in the $150 range will be a huge jump in performance. Spend wisely though - make sure you have an up to date motherboard. RAM is realtively inexpensive and more RAM always boosts the performance.

    Likewie I wouldn;t bother getting the 3.06 P4 - get one around 2.5-2.8GHz - a lot cheaper and I'd be damned if you could notice the difference.

    Back to Video cards - the ti4200 is a great card, as is the Radeon 9500. Go to if you want some good info.

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    For top of the range go for Sapphire ATi Radeon 9800 Pro or nVidia GeForce FX 5800 Ultra. Or for the ultimate gaming experience go for the nVidia PNY Quadro FX 2000 or ATi FireGL. All have 128 MB of DDR RAM but the Quadro has 128 MB of DDR2 RAM. Although, I saw a Radeon 9800 with 256 of DDR RAM

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