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Thread: Elitist Private tracker sites with overly strict rules, good or bad?

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    I think they're good..

    say for example if you dont seed till your ratio is 1 then you are banned, then that means speeds will increase... on bitmetv i get loads of new episodes as they are released during the week.. Lost, OC, 24, Desperate Housewives, Family Guy Name is Earl, etc... I always get 1000kbps... I then seed till +1...

    it is so much better this way.. on the free trackers i only ever get shit speeds because no one bothers to seed..
    this is the best way..

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    Not quite sure how requiring a ratio of 1 is either elitist or overly strict, but i think its a good idea.

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    New to Torrents but always continuiously seed. Hit 6,900% on the last one! Now If I could just get invited to a cool site!!

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    Private trackers with limited invites really help to cut down on cheaters and pure leechers.

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    Whats a cheater?

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    It's frustrating trying to get into these sites, but they certainly seem like a good idea once you're in.

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    Assuming that there is no way for outsiders to access a torrent, the average ratio of ALL the members must be 1.0 - that means that as soon as you get someone with a ratio above 1 then someone else must have a ratio below 1.

    By that logic, if you require everyone to seed until their ratio is 1 then anyone who goes above 1 is a bad member because they are preventing others from achieving the requirement.

    Clearly, that would be nonsense, but it is a direct consequence of the requirement that everyone seeds until they achieve a ratio of 1. A lower ratio is therefore a sensible achievable requirement.

    A far more sensible approach is the concept of targeting "hit and run" users. There are times when a popular torrent will fail because the seeders have reached their "requirement" and stop seeding. I'd far rather see someone with a low ratio who is prepared to seed as long as someone wants the torrent, than someone who dumps a torrent simply because their ratio for that torrent is high.
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    definitely good,
    You get what you want fast and help everyone else out as well.


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    They are extremely good but, if there are too many seeders and not enough leechers and restrictions on uploading material then it can cause problems keeping a good ratio. If you d/l a file and it completes in 3 hours, then aftre that you have 100 seeders and 2 leechers, it is very difficult to seed the torrent.

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    I think they are good in general, it's just that you'd need to be a little careful what you dl so you don't ruin your ratio.

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