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Thread: legitamate thread censored!

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    a little while ago i posted a thread about something im working on.
    The moderators censored it out the first time, so i'll mention no links or

    websites here. But i think im entitled to some legitemate discussion on the

    topic, as a fellow filesharer.

    its about knowing when peers are online. Obviously, they're not all online at

    the same time. If people could post information about when their share

    folders were usually available (ie. when they are usually p2p or torrenting),

    could'nt it make things easier to get, particularly hard-to-find stuff?

    Some said a place like that would go bye-bye cause of M/RIAA.
    Couldnt' it have legitament futur value for controlled peer networks?
    Besides, information like that could be posted anonymously from public

    networks/hot spots.

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    Someone else posted something similar and it was a link to a forum. I don't know if this is the same thing but the other thread also had something to do with all peers online and seeig them and stuff like that.

    It was considered as advertsising and spam becuase it wasn't helpful at all and was time wasing.

    This may also apply to something you posted.


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