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Thread: this is the best p2p ever

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    try this its the best p2p software ive ever tried and ive had them all believe me torrents the lot its called ukcable++ or dc++ get it from here once you have installed it join these hubs they are great for help as well as stuff to download
    here is the hubs addresses wants your in site simply click on the hub addresses you can download and talk to people at same time ENJOY

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    DC++ sucks in my opinion. You have share alot of files just to enter a room, and plus the layout sucks.

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    you dont have to share alot to enter a room well hub if you know wot your talking about there are lots of great hubs that dont have a share limmit im in 1 with 10.000 people no share needed get everything u want also layout is great and great speeds matter to people more than layout when i had 3mb connection last year i can get speeds of 250kbs ps now ive got 10mb i can get speeds of 350kbs and have 3 diffrent downloads at same time all with that speed each now you tell me how thats crap i want to know no torrent prog will do this been there done that

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    I read that twice and still came up short.
    Punctuation would probably help.
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    for anyone who doesnt like dc++ try this then trust me ive nothing to gain from yous using this im just wantting everyone to know how good this prog is when u set it up right and get going here you go also if you have any probs visit here and they will be happy to help

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    dc++ is ok if you can get onto the big hubs. However nothing is as good as usenet. I always max my 10mb connection, or as near it as makes no difference.

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    jpaul try this alot better version of dc++ same hubs etc but faster multi segments etc
    get ukcable++ from here
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    Quote Originally Posted by iainmccaff
    jpaul try this alot better version of dc++ same hubs etc but faster multi segments etc
    I appreciate the info, mate and will proably give it a try. However I can honestly get whatever I need in jig time from usenet. I'm only really looking for new stuff since I have pretty much all of the old movies, music, tv etc I want. I do use bittorrent, but that's really only for tv stuff I want to keep and I get everything from UKNova.

    Like I said, thanks for the heads up and I will give it a try, but probably just out of interest rather than as an alternative filesharing method. I have used it before and the one thing that pissed me off was when people went off-line when you were part way thro' and then didn't log back in for ages.

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    I love Dc++, especially for it's indie music hub, Ind!ous Indie. Great for independent, RIAA safe music- especially if you're not a member of O!nk or indietorrents. It's a pretty easy program to use as well!


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