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Thread: Golf Games ?

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    hey just wondered if you people knew or had any gold games from kazaa lite, would appreciate it if you could send a link so i could click and it opens up in kazaa downloading thanks, cus sig2dat files never download for somereason



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    Sim Golf is cool

    No sound though. Sorry I don't got thhe link. Just type in "Sid Meier" and a file should pop up containing Sim Golf.

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    Tiger woods 2002 is fairly cool and easy to find, the links 2003 is awsome but its hard to get a hold of an iso and beware that the so called links R.I.P is only the demo.

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    File:Golden Tee Golf with addon courses.exe
    Length:65596976 Bytes,64060KB

    I like this game. I tried the tiger woods on ps2 and it was pretty hard but the graphics were awesome....but this game is pretty fun and the graphics are ok......just not as nice as tiger woods.....but game is still fun and you can play this game online and invite your friends and play or just play strangers....let me know what you think.


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