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Thread: Can Someone Put Battel Field On A Ftp

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    I would like to downalod battel filed but the one on kazaa is curopt.

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    try downloading it again. I had a currupted file and redownloaded it and it worked fine. Only in the 2nd disk there is 2 files currupted but able to get around. Game works perfectly

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    well the 1st disk was a problem with me. Have you got msn or ftp address.

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    get it off overnet no corrupt downloads.

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    Or try Emule it would take you about 2 days (VERY SLOW) if you have a high speed connection. But you would hardly get any currupted files

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    Originally posted by the shift@24 April 2003 - 20:40
    get it off overnet no corrupt downloads.
    tried that about halkf way through it says 'curoption found in battle filed.bin' so i cancilled it

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    y the hell did u do that

    when overnet finds a corruption it abbandons that part and finds another source and redownloads that file

    thats y overnet and emule are great, u almost never get a corrupt finished file.

    when it says that it means found corruption is part ##, it just got to find that part again and go into qued for awhile and redownload till it finds the correct one and downlads it, gessh. Felt like i had to repeat myself there.

    yes overnet is alot faster then the donkey or emule, it took me bout a lil over a day. no servers and dling at 50-100kb. but that game was released a while ago, so its gonna be awhile for u.

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    ps dont plan playing it online with all the updates, u might find some cracked servers. but multiplayer is a real experience in teamwork. so i suggest buying that game, single players fun to i guess.


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