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Thread: Norton Personal Firewall 2002

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    Hello there,

    I have Norton Persona Firewall 2002 and I am satisfied with the way it works. However, there's one thing I don't like about it....which is that this prog runs in the back all the time. I like to be in control of my system and turn on and off different applications as I wish.
    I tried to kill it through Task Info 2002...and EndItAll... doesn't go away. I unchecked startup apps related to Norton and still there was some of it running at the next boot. Then I went to msfconfig (not sure if I spelled it right's where you uncheck services that run at the start up) and unchecked everything related to Norton firewall....and finally, when I boot up, it wasn't running. BUT, when I tried to turn the firewall on it refused to start and told me that I need to be authorized in order to turn it on on the comp ( I am the only user on my machine btw). I don't even know how to identify myself for the program and I didn't find a place on it where I could do it anyway.

    So please, anyone, could you tell me how can I safely turn this firewall on and off safely so that I remain in control of what's running on my system at a given time.


    P.S. I have a laptop, WinXP Home, P3 1.1

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    I know, I tryed Norton Internet Secuirity 2003 but it f*cked up my DSL connection
    for me not recomeended


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