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Thread: Google Search Gone Bad.

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    I downloaded some crappy program that now opens a browser-less window with "search" results for whatever I searched on google.

    I am thinking it may be from downloading a speedup program off the normal kazaa site, but since I download so much crap I can't put my finger on it. I was also recently inundated with some "royal casino" links added to almost ever XP launch venue.

    I had a pretty clean computer, pop up and spyware free, I thought, but now I know I don't.

    Any suggestions where this crap came from and more importantly how to stop it.

    I have un-installed every program I can think of, but that bloody google search thing still happens. One program I tried to un-install asked me to download and program to un-install it? WTF is up with that. The end of the world is near. The un-install program didn't work, obviously. But I think I was able to get the proggy off my add-remove list, however my problem persists.


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    you could try ad-aware and spybot to search for ads, pop ups and the like to clean out any rouge files that could cause this sort of thing. B)

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    I ran ad-aware last night. It removed 24 something or others, but the problem is still there. There is a small chance that I ended ad-aware search prematurely, but I don't think so.

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    Run AAW6 again. Get & run Spybot S&D. You are responsible for your puter. Take charge.

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    I had the same kind of problem once....I think it comes with programs what are developed by Gator....I had some calendar manager and a clock synchronise tool (hope I spelled those right). Those programs are free, but installing these problams you accept them to put some crap into your PC! I just uninstalled my Gator related programs and then searched my PC with Ad-Aware and Spybot! It removed all, what was left and so I'm clean now....
    Hope that helps......peace!

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    You might wan't to update the reference file in ad aware.

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    Check out the startup in msconfig, see if there is any unusual file that startup with the system. If so maybe the file regenerates itself when the system is booted

    Start > Run > type under the startup tab...........If you see something unusual uncheck the box, click okay, reboot..then run Adaware - Spybot S&D.
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    hey just to let you know, yes that search page is spawned by having any software that has to do with gator on your computer.. so first uninstall the programs then run spyware remover.

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    I ran AAW6 and Spybot Search and Destroy. That did the trick. Nasty little bugger, had to reboot my computer for spybot to smoke it out the evil doer. Now it is in heaven with its 72 virgins.


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