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Thread: another question

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    i signed up for torrentleech and i have a real bad ratio...the reason is that i downloaded a huge file and nobody uploads from me because i have to wait 48 hours before i can get the new file and everybody already have them when i download them...and tips or ideas you can give me?


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    just keep seeding, somebody will want it sooner or later, perhaps try get on a torrent early also helps

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    yeah, and try to dl files that are popular and relatively small (I'd suggest files no more than 2GB), since you are new to the site and you'd want your ratio up asap to avoid the long wait time, once your ratio is up, grab some more newer popular files and keep seeding them for at least a few days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darkforce
    just keep seeding, somebody will want it sooner or later,

    Yes, their torrents stay active for 955+ hours now so there is no reason that your ratio wont become at lease 1.0 if you leave it open until the torrent is deleted.


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