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Thread: Why The Downloaded Games Don创t Work Right?

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    I dloaded these two games and they both fail somehow. The Fifa 2003 sound stars doing a beep when I play for a while. On the other hand, Heroes IV freezes after a while playing.

    Does anyone know why this happens?

    Does anyone know how to fix it?

    Thanx all of you. Cheers from Spain

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    again i hear this complaint so many times

    "this or that files dont work, theres a corruption, it has a problem"

    u would save ur self alot of time and bandwith if u didnt download games off kazaa lite, until they fix the jumping supernodes ull always mess up big dls

    so use overnet of emule for big files

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    so the answer is to dload games from Overnet or Emule?

    Well, my connection is rather poor and Kazaa works fine for me, I do not wish to change. Is there any possibility to repair corrupted files or games?

    I创ve already got them on CD and I wish not to get rid of them. Any solutions????

    Thanx mates. You have a friend in Spain

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    just try to correct the bin files with CDmage @ CDmage

    u should then burn the files on CD with good CD-R quality and as well not quicker than 4x times, I prefer to use Alcohol120% and the virtual drive, therefore no cd burning

    It should work for most of the downloads out of KaZaA even large bin, iso files. (overnet or edonkey are much to slow).

    use KaZupernodes, to be on a good consistent 24/7 Supernode and u should have no trouble as no jumping will happen @ KaZupernodes

    just an other hint, always surf gameworld in order to find the lists of games in verified hashes and verified in a can

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    Almost all new games on kazaa are fakes or corrupted!

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    Also, before u run off downloaidng the games again, make sure the problem is not with U'r comp....ya know, driver problems.... B)

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    this is a known problem with fifa 2003 also all ea sports games seen to be corrupt as do you think ea sports is going to let their games be to be downloaded no way if they can help it, i had fifa 2003 and i uploaded it to a strannge host now every versions is corrupted i'am the only 1 with a working version of fifa 2003 and i no it because i got mine from my local market and it still has it problems when loading up for the 1st time but works after booting for a 2nd time and its graphic related because i'am using a geforce4 mx and and this gives me problems but my own geforece ti4400 works fine with this game, also you try and find a working version of nba 2k1 or 2k3 on kazza thats not corrupted or any other game like tiger 2k3 mafia battlefield you just dont get these games ripped and i no because i had to buy tiger woods 3 disks not even my local market can rip these games.

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    Get the full cd a image if you can if you got a rip who knows what it could be i hate rips.

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    thanks people, great use


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