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Thread: Which is best Video Lan or Classic Media - Update

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    Hi Guys

    Six months ago I asked on these boards which of these two apps was the best media player for playing videos and video clips.

    Video Lan or Classic Media player. Based on the fact that I did not want to use Windows Media (bloated) Player.

    I got lots of replies about 50/50 for Video Lan and Classic Media Player. Many of you like Video Lan as you did not need to install and muck around with Codecs. Many of you you preferred the quality output of Classic Media Player.

    I would like to report that after a few weeks of going through some music videos and some short celebrity video clips etc that both of these apps have limitations.

    Quite a few clips would play jerkily or with with poor sound quality with one of these apps. Then if I treid the other app, the clip might play smoothly but still with poor sound or vice versa.

    The upsetting thing for me was when I tried the same clip with Windows Media Player the clips played perfectly !

    So to me this means that both Video Lan and Classic Media player have some work to do. I will check my latest versions of these, but they are fairly recent.

    (I assume that if a codec is installed and available to Windows Media Player it is available to Classic Media pleyer)

    Any comments ?



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    Damnatory's Avatar OTL BT Rep: +6BT Rep +6
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    Mar 2003
    Of those two I would have to say VideoLAN, however I recommend BSPlayer, as it combines both the compatibility of VideoLAN, and a great visual style.

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    Thanks, but it would be great to get some more feedback (and some answers to my questions)



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    I like media center classic myself. Mostly because of the retro look, I guess.

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    Guillaume's Avatar Kentish old lady BT Rep: +8BT Rep +8
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    May 2003
    I like videolan.
    Its only downside is it can't play Real media files, but who still uses that anwyay?

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    i always use MPC

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    is it not tot true that with videolan you dont need to install codecs?
    whereas with mpc you do (however it then plays .movs)

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    JPaul's Avatar Fat Secret Agent
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    Nov 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by Guillaume
    I like videolan.
    Its only downside is it can't play Real media files, but who still uses that anwyay?

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    Skillian's Avatar T H F C f a n BT Rep: +1
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    Dec 2002
    I still like Zoom Player, just for it's huge amount of options and ease of use.

    VideoLAN is kind of a fall back if something won't play in anything else, which is not very often.

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    dodgy368's Avatar Poster
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    MPC for me, haven't got a problem with installing codecs.

    VLC as a back up.

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