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Thread: Sof:2 Problem..

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    Im trying to play SoF:2 but I keep getting this warning:

    To play Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix, please verify that your card is OpenGL compliant.
    If it it, please update to the latest video drivers. See the readme.txt for more details.

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    repost that. I can't see the warninng. An1 else?

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    yea bulldog, just check your system specs on what driver versions u have for ur open glide card
    go to their website and just update it, that should do, hopefully

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    yeah u either have a really old card or in need of a long awaited update cause most new chips and old chips comp OpenGL compliant, go dl directX9.0 it might help

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    It's working now.. I just got the latest driver from nVidia..


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