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Thread: problems burning a game

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    i have a problem burning games i download. usually, whenever i burn games, i have a real copy of it and i just dirent copy it using nero burning rom. now im tryin to burn a game i got off downloading using bittorrent. after it was finished downloading, it tried burning it by just copying all the files onto a dvd+r. but that didnt work. so i went around and see how i can burn it properly. i read that u have to burn it as an iso image. so i used Folder2Iso to make the whole thing into one iso file. after that was finished, ppl say it can either be burned with nero or dvd decrypter. i tried using nero, but it said that it was over 2 gigs and cant be burned unless it was burned using USF file or somethin like that. so i tried using that, and the dvd+r still didnt work. i tried using dvd decrypter using iso>write. and i burned it at 4x speed, and it STILL didnt work!!! im wasting dvd+r and this is really makin me mad. so ne help pleez?

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    What format is the game in? is it bin and cue files, mdf files? whatever it is just use daemon tools and mount the image, then go into nero and select copy disc.

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    its an .iso image, and now im tryin to burn it again and it shows this

    so wat should i do? the thing is almost 4 gigs so i cant burn it with nero. so help?!

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    Can't you just mount the iso in daemon tools, then open nero select favorites, then copy dvd? Thats how i do it and never once had a problem.

    You say its almost 4 gigs so you can't burn w/ nero, i don't understand that? i've burned 100's of images over 4gigs using nero.

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    i had the same problem with nero - but theres a plug in that will let yoy burn over 4 gigs once youve installed it. just google nero plugins or bittorent it - youll find it easy

    also - is it a pc game or xbox? as my xbox wont read dvd+r, only dvd-r

    hope that helps
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