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Thread: Xbox Power Supply Complete Failure

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    A while ago, I smelled something burning coming from the fan on my xbox. As any lazy teenager would, I ignored it and continued playing. Over and over again, as the smell became worse, I kept playing. Eventually, about a few months after the initial burning smell, it became harder and harder for a power supply to turn the xbox on. I had to reposition the ac power cord in a very certain way, such that it made a popping sound and a spark in that certain position. Once I achieved a spark, I placed a 5 lb dumbell on the power cord to put pressure on it, allowing the xbox to stay on. Needless to say, the whole room stunk from a burning stench. I kept doing this until one day, the xbox would simply not start up at all. That is where I stand today, gentleman. My question is: What can I do about this power supply dilemma? I was on some llama page before, and I saw a promising battery power supply or some sort for the xbox. Anything that would make the xbox work again would be something I would consider. I would also consider any suggestions you guys have as to how I should fix the xbox or what I should do. Any contributions welcomed. Thanks guys.

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    man how lazy can u get...?!?!?

    i hope ur xbox RIP

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    Can you RMA?

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    I doubt that you can RMA it, I guess it depends on how long ago you bought it, I honestly haven't read Microsoft's return policy on xbox's yet.

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    the power supply figure8 thingy, comes loose when they get warm

    just resolder it, fags

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    The xbox is know to have failed power supplies. If you read about them/mod them you would know this. So I am happy to help you out. What you have is a failed power supply. What happens is that the metal connectors where your power cord goes in gets warm and eventually brakes. This in turn is what has caused a couple of house fires. M$' response to this was a big bulky power cord with a saftey switch, instead of doing a recall.

    What you have to do is find out what version xbox you have. Then order the right power supply for your version. To find out what version you have, you would have to open up your xbox ( Or you can take it to a local xbox modder and have him open it up and tell you what version it is. Then order the xbox power supply and have him put it in.

    If you want to do it yourself it is really easy and you would just have to buy the tools to open your xbox.

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    Might help you, but unfortunately it sounds like you need the whole unit replaced.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skillian

    Might help you, but unfortunately it sounds like you need the whole unit replaced.
    I was going to say that. That sucks for you, dude ur out of luck.

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    Yea Microsoft kept sending me letters saying that since mine was one of the originals, it prob had a faulty power cable. They sent 4 or 5 letters but i never had any problems. Eventually they simply sent me a new cable (its alot different then the ones they use(d)). Pretty cool of them if you ask me.
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    dont stick up for microsoft, as much as i like them, they still shouldnt have put out a faulty rom drive and bad power supply...

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