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Thread: xvid help/chapters on disc

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    I was wondering if there is a way to put chapters on a xvid disc. I burn my xvids/avi's to regular cdr as data (with nero), then I can watch them in my DVD player. I want to know if there is a program that will add a "chapter" so to speak like every 15 minutes or so, that way, if I have to finish watching a movie later, I could skip forward to get close to where I left off, rather than having to fast forward for 20 minutes to get to where I left off. I hope I am making sense in this post. I dont do any video stuff, so i dont know about all the little tricks that can be done with this. Any help or guidance is always appreciated

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    With all DVD players that i've ever played a burned xvid DVD or VCD they've always just skipped about 5 minutes each time you hit skip/next chapter.


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