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Thread: Game Review on Real Life

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    Featuring believable characters, plenty of lasting appeal, and a lot of challenge and variety, real life is absolutely recommendable to those who've grown weary of all the cookie-cutter games that have tried to emulate its popularity--or to just about anyone, really.

    Read the full review here -

    Starting out in real life can
    admittedly be boring, but
    the experience becomes much
    more interesting and open-ended
    once you get past the learning curve.

    Players can learn to operate a
    variety of different vehicles, and
    they can choose from a great
    variety of professions.

    Player groups can achieve incredible
    success in ways you wouldn't expect,
    and that helps keep real life
    fresh and interesting.
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    Sigh...I actually checked out some other sites about this "game".

    Ardeth In Pre-Production

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    april fools isn't here yet


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