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Thread: TorrentBytes

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    Please show me a way to be a member of the great site. Actually, I was a good seeder before at the site. But, due to lack of computer in a period (6 months), my membership had been closed.

    Now, I am triying many times to be a member. Unfortunatelly, I failed up to now.

    I have a good ratio in Bitme and Oink sites.

    As I said at the beginning, What can I do to be a member of the TorrentBytes site.

    Best regards,

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    this belongs in the bittorrent invites section
    however, reading the sticky in there, u'll see that torrentbytes dont do invites
    u just need to keep trying the signup page, and hope u find it open

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    Why can't my friend become a member?

    There is a 50000 users limit. When that number is reached we stop accepting new members. Accounts inactive for more than 42 days are automatically deleted, so keep trying. (There is no reservation or queuing system, don't ask for that.)
    thread closed.


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